Premier’s Reading Challenge 2021-Mega Monster

Agastya S Ahuja
2 min readAug 1, 2021

The author of this book is David Walliams. It is his latest book, released a couple of weeks ago.

I have written 2 other blogs on books by the same author, which you can read here and here. This book is about bravery and continuing doing something even if no one else is doing it. The other blogs are about being happy even when you don’t have some thing you really want.

The main characters in this book are: a girl named Larker, teachers at the Cruel School, all of the children at the Cruel School and the MegaMonster.

For the first time at this school, Larker, the new girl, made friends and ganged up a super heroic team. Together they defeated the evil teachers and brought down the Cruel School. The children were free from the torturous school!

There is one thing that I’ve enjoyed in all of David Walliams’ books. It’s that he would always mention made up words in the book like ‘stinktastic’, for example. The made up word would always have the symbol * at the end of it. Then at the bottom of the page he would say, “a real word you can find in the most trusted Walliamsictionary, the dictionary of made up words.” I thought that this was pretty funny! Can you imagine in this case that the word stinktastic comes from the word fantastic stink?!