Reading Challenge 2020-Fing

Agastya S Ahuja
2 min readJul 29, 2020

Today I will write about a book called Fing.

The author of this book is David Williams and the illustrator is Tony Ross.

The main human characters of this book are Myrtle (who is a greedy child who keeps wanting more and more), Mrs Meek who is a very loving mother and a librarian and also Mr meek who is also a very loving father and also a librarian.

The message that the author is trying to say is that “Never be Greedy”, and always be happy with the things you have. Myrtle wanted a thing but instead of ‘thing’ she said ‘Fing’ and her parents thought what is ‘Fing’. Myrtle was very greedy and wanted it now. Since her parents were librarians they went to the library to research about ‘Fing’. They read a book called Monsterpedia and the book mentioned about ‘Fing’. It’s a monster and not good one to keep in the house. They explained this to Myrtle but she still wanted it and finally Mr. Meek went on an adventure to the deepest darkest jugliest jungle to look for a Fing. He found it and brought one back, but there was one already home. Myrtle got it from a pet shop. Both Fings destroyed the house and Myrtle was fliged all the way to the jungle.

I think its not good to be greedy. Its also good to learn language properly because if Myrtle said a ‘thing’ instead of ‘Fing’ her parents would have got something else and not a monster. Then the story could have been a bit happier.