Premier’s Reading Challenge 2021-Bad Dad!

Agastya S Ahuja
2 min readMay 27, 2021

Hello everyone,

Today is my first book blog for 2021! I have been doing them since last year’s Premier’s Reading Challenge and I am going to do them every reading challenge from now on. I am very excited that the Queensland Department of Education got to know about my blogs that I did last year. They wrote a news story that you can read here. My school, teachers and parents were very proud. So was I.


Today I am going to write about a multi-million bestselling author called David Walliams who wrote the book Bad Dad. I have previously written a blog on a book named Fing, also by the same author David Walliams. See here.

The main characters in Bad Dad are:Gilbert (the dad), Frank (the son), Rita (the mum), Mr Big (dad’s new job boss), Auntie Flip (dad’s auntie), Fingers and Thumbs (Mr Big’s henchmen) and last but not least is Raj (the newsagent).

I really liked the relationship between the father and son. Gilbert (Frank’s dad) was ready to take any job, even a bad one , just to make his son happy. The Book also has some funny poems. Below is an example of my favourite part in one of the poems:

You bring happiness to my heart, like a freshly baked apple tart, with lashings of piping-hot custard, much nicer than some mustard. I know it’s strange to mention mustard, but it’s the only thing that rhymes with custard.

Here is one of my poems that I made up for all ⚽️ fans and bloggers!

Every single blog has been so much fun, it’s like playing soccer except a lot less to run. I might be a little famous in school, but not as much as Ronaldo who really does rule!

That brings my blog to close. What do you think of my poem? Do you want to try writing one?