Agastya S Ahuja
2 min readAug 6, 2022

The author of this book is Roald Dahl.

I have done two other blogs on Roald Dahl’s books that you can read here and here.

The main characters in this book is Matilda, (a student attending Crunchem Hall Primary School) Miss Honey, (a teacher teaching at the school) Miss Trunchbull, (the Headmistress at the school) Matilda’s Dad, (A second hand car seller) Matilda’s Mum (a bingo player) and Matilda’s classmates.

People say Roald Dahl is the №1 children’s author. And I agree with them. He has written 49 books, and each one is astonishingly AMAZING. I like his books so much that I have 13!

My favourite book he has written is Matilda. I love all the tricks she uses to get revenge on the nasty adults who don’t do the right things. For e.g. Her dad buys second hand cars that have run 100,000 miles for cheap. He toys around with the odometer and puts sawdust in the engine to reverse the distance and make it look like it has only run 10,00 miles.

My favourite trick of Matilda’s is the time when her father was mean to her so to take revenge, she put superglue on his dad’s hat. He had to get his hair chopped off for the hat to get removed!

This book was so popular that they made a movie! (I must’ve seen it 12 times🤣) I can't believe how amazing it was! It was like reading the book in 1.5hrs! The movie also had some extra bits that were not in the book.

At the end of this book, there was a science experiment on how to make an exploding chocolate cake. I thought this was a smart and funny idea! I haven’t done it, but maybe you would!