Sherlock Bones #2

Agastya S Ahuja
2 min readJul 2, 2021

Hello Everyone,

Today I will be writing about the second Sherlock Bones book called the Sea-Creature Feature. The author of this book is Renée Treml.

Why I decided to write this blog is because I already wrote the first book of the series which was Sherlock Bones and the Natural History-Mystery which you can read here.

A part that I noticed just by reading the cover of this book was the fact that the words Sea-Creature Feature rhyme just like Natural History-Mystery. I wonder what the next book will be called and will it rhyme too?

The main characters of this book are Sherlock Bones, Watts, Grace, Nivlac and a sloth.

I also noticed that later in the book they use a Rubik’s Cube and Grace the chocolate hunter thinks that there is chocolate inside and when you get the colours matched it will come pouring out.

Did you know that I have seven different types of Rubik’s cubes but I am especially proud of my 3x3 because I can solve it in under 50 seconds.

Below is a picture of my current collection of Rubik’s Cubes.