Sherlock Bones

Sherlock Bones Natural History Mystery
Sherlock Bones

Hello Everyone,

Today I will be writing about a book called Sherlock Bones (the natural history mystery). The author of this book is Renée Treml.

Why I decided to write about this book was because in home-schooling when I was in yr. 2, I actually got to go in a live zoom chat with the author and she told us how to draw different expressions and tips for how to write our own comic book.

The book is sort of a quick read type book but the author still makes the book very fun and interesting. Also, when it shows a lot of scenes without lots of words in them, the author uses comic panels to make those scenes.

The thing that I really thought was funny in this book was the fact that since Watts is a stuffed parrot and he can’t talk, they always say a question to Watts and then skip his answer and suddenly agree with him. For example,(saying something to Watts) Hey Watts, does that make sense to you?(Skipping Watts’s answer) Me neither.

I also like that the name Sherlock Bones came from Sherlock Holmes who is actually a famous detective.



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