Reading Challenge 2021- The Pie Rats book 2

Agastya S Ahuja
3 min readJun 15, 2021


Pie Rats the King’s Key (book 2).

Kings Key

Hello everyone,

Today is my 3rd book blog for 2021! I will be writing about Pie Rats King’s Key.

The author of this book,(series of six) is Cameron Stelzer. He came to our school and actually signed the first two of my books! See below.

I have also done another blog on the first book of this series. Check here.

Second Book Signed

The main characters of this book are: Captain Black Rat (captain), Fish Eye Fred (chef), Ruby Rat (neice of captain), Hook Hand Horace (smallest Pie Rat), Pencil Leg Pete (quartermaster), Smudge (mascot), Whisker (Pie Rat apprentice), Mr Tribble (school teacher), Emmie (Girl school orphan), Eaton (Boy school orphan), Ratsputin (father of captain).

I liked how the author would introduce new characters in every book. This made me want to read the next book in the series and also find out if they have secrets, like Mr Tribble, or not. The new character introduced in this book was Ratsputin.

I also liked the fact that Whisker never gave up and always had hope that he would see his parents again. This made me want to read the next book in the series to find out when he will find his parents and little sister.

Chapter Nine in the book describes a scene that I started to imagine as I was reading it. The book said “Whisker had a horrible feeling his companions had been washed into the waterfall. But as he crawled into the cavity he saw exactly where they had gone. Hidden from sight by the stream of water, was the entrance to an enormous cave. Whisker scurried into the gloom, gasping in awe at the wide cavern in front of him. In the flickering light of Eaton’s lantern, the full glory of subterranean chamber was revealed. Stalactites of every share and size hung from the high ceiling. Some took the appearance of delicate sewing needles while others represented battle-weary broadswords. Group of stalactites hung together like upside down beds of nails. Rising from the floor were stalagmites…” There were too many words that I did not know the meaning of, so I used my dictionary and then I started to imagine the scene. Below is what I drew of the scene.

Drawing the scene on my drawing tablet

And the words were so difficult that I got the spelling of “Stalactites” wrong in my drawing.

I hope you like it!