Premier’s Reading Challenge 2021-Ninja Kid

Agastya S Ahuja
2 min readJul 27, 2021

The author of this book is Ahn Do.

Last year I did another blog on a book called Hot Dog 4 Game Time also by Ahn do.You can read that blog here. That book was about thoughtfulness but this book is about bravery and courage.

The book’s summary is that Nelson is an ordinary nerd, but on his 10th birthday everything changes! First he wakes up to a spider on his nose. He screams and tries to jump it off, except his leg gets stuck in the bed. Usually he would fall, but today he double front-flipped and landed perfectly on the ground. Next, when he put his glasses on it was blurry. With the glasses off, it was clear. His parents said that legend has it that on a boy’s 10th birthday he will become a ninja if his dad was one. Nelson got scared of facing enemies like how ninjas do, but once he defeated the gang of enormous spiders he began to not become afraid and started to train and defeat enemies more. Who will he fight next?

What I found most interesting in the book was how he was similar to me in many ways — he wears glasses too! Like me, he didn’t want to do a few things but once he did it, he wanted to keep on doing those things. I am just like that like how I didn’t want to play soccer but once I got in the club, all I want to do now is play soccer. I also think I am nerdy too just like Nelson!