Wings Of Fire №15

Agastya S Ahuja
2 min readAug 6, 2022

The author of this book is Tui T. Sutherland.

The main characters in this book are: Luna, Wren, Pineapple, Jerboa, Qibli, Tsunami, Blue, Swordtail and Sky.

This is the latest book in the series. It is the most interesting one as well.

I loved the cover art on this book. Joy Ang (the cover artist) chooses some awesome colours which made the picture really nice. See for yourself!

Wings Of Fire №15 Cover

I love this series. The detail in every book is amazing and always helps me understand what’s going on. This book does have some difficult words but then again, the detail helps me summarize it up.

I also like the different kinds of dragons. There are the dragons of Pantala (Hivewings, Silkwings and Leafwings) and the dragons of Pyrrhia (Mudwings, Sandwings, Skywings, Seawings, Icewings, Rainwings and Nightwings). My favourite is the Seawings. What are yours?

The summary of this book and №s 11, 12, 13 and 14 is the fact that in all the books, Luna and Blue (mainly) are trying to stop the Hivewings from doing terrible things like burning down hives, listening to their queen who mind-controls all the Hivewings and makes them do terrible things, killing other dragons when they haven’t done anything wrong, etc. Luna and Blue try EVERYTHING to stop this madness. But other things always stop their process. Like making new friends who think it’s too dangerous to battle the Hivewings, or getting distracted by beautiful sceneries as they fly past, etc.

At the end of the book, Luna and her teammates capture Queen Wasp and stop the mind-control. They make more friends, and surprisingly make friends with humans as well! I found the last paragraph of the book really dramatic as well:

“Dragons and humans, living in peace after all this time,” Luna said, tilting her head back to watch the sunlight through the leaves. “I can’t wait to see what the future is like.”