Tom Gates What Monster?

Agastya S Ahuja
1 min readAug 11, 2020

The author of this book is Liz Pinchon

The main characters of this book are four school children, Derek, Tom, Marcus and Amy, two teachers, Mr Fullerman and Miss Gravel, and one cheeky sausage dog, Bandit.

This book contains four parts. They are:

  1. Tom realised that the new Supply Teacher is the lady at the shop with Bandit, the cutest dog on the planet!
  2. The school play auditions. Tom gets the monster role, and I figured out that the book’s titile is called what monster? because that’s Tom’s line that he says in the play.
  3. Tom finds out that the animal who was stealing the children’s lunches was Bandit! I thought this was cheeky because he was named correctly.(Bandits steal things).
  4. The Oakchella festival. Tom really wants to go to the festival, but he can’t because he has to go to see his cousins and they have something special planned for him. So Tom goes to see his cousins and is excited because in the car on the way to his cousin’s place his parents tell him that the surprise was to actually go to the Oakchella festival!