The World’s Worst Pets

Agastya S Ahuja
2 min readNov 29, 2022


The author of this book is David Walliams. He has written 3 books in 2022 including this one. The others were Spaceboy and Marmalade: The Orange Panda.

This book contains 10 stories about animals and why they are the world's worst pets. These animals are: Furp the Fish, Hamsters vs Gerbils, The Burgling Budgie, Monty the Musical Dog, Bad Bunny, The Secret Diary of a Supervillain’s cat, Picasso the Pony, Silly Sid’s Snake, The Great Grizzly Bear Mystery and Zoom the Supersonic tortoise.

There are many books in the World’s Worst series by David Walliams.There are the World’s Worst Children, World’s Worst Children 2, World Worst Children 3, World’s Worst Teachers, World’s Worst Parents and now he has written the World’s Worst Pets.

A reason I decided to do this blog was the fact that I recently got a dog. He is very cute and this is the picture of him:

him wanting a tummy rub

Out of the 10 stories in this book, I thought Silly Sid’s Snake was the funniest. The story goes on about Sid buying a snake, but he thinks it’s a dog. His kids all try to tell him that it’s a snake but Sid doesn’t listen. Since Sid think’s it’s a dog, he takes the snake for walks, bathes him and even gets his nails trimmed from the vet! But the silliest thing he did was when Sid entered the snake into a beauty pageant for dogs. All the other contestants were too scared of the snake and ran away, so Sid automatically won the trophy.

I thought this book was amazing! I recommend this to all pet-lovers!