The Goldfish Boy

Agastya S Ahuja
2 min readJun 2, 2022
(Front cover of the book)

The author of this book is Lisa Thompson.

She is an absolutely WONDERFUL author! I have one of her other books, The Day I Was Erased, which I am planning to do a blog on next.

This book is 400 pages long, so it took me 2–3 days to read.

I got this book last year and was planning to do a blog on it then, but I never had the time to read it!

The main character in this book is Matthew. When he was young, he vomited on his mum’s tummy when her baby was due soon. They then went to hospital, but the baby didn’t come. Since then, he has been hating dirty things, skipping school because he is too busy cleaning his room and observes his neighbours passing time and writes down everything in his notebook.

The reason behind the title of ‘The Goldfish Boy’ is when Mr Charles, (Matthew’s neighbour) gets a surprising visit from his grandchildren, and the little girl keeps on looking up at Matthew staring through the window. “Fishy!” she would say. “How do you like it up in your tank, fishy?” She’s saying it as if he was stuck in his ‘tank’ and swimming around.

The main part in this book is when Mr Charles’s grandson goes missing. With Matthew writing down everything he finds in his notebook, he found himself in the centre of the investigation. At last, after many and many suspects and accusations, he finally came to an answer…

Read the book to find out!