Reading Challenge 2020 — Tiny Timmy Soccer Superstar

Agastya S Ahuja
1 min readJun 24, 2020

This story is about a kid called Timmy, who wants to play soccer but he can’t get in the team because he is so tiny. So, he finds ways to grow bigger and tries those tips but they do nothing. Timmy is afraid of dogs and one of his friend’s dogs came barking at him and Timmy jumped up on the fence behind him. People crowded around him saw how high he jumped and thought it would be very useful for headers in the game, so he got in the game. He played in the game and jumped and rolled over and headed the ball into the goal and became a superstar.

Tim Cahill is the author of this book.

My favourite part is the page flipping where you see the animation of a boy playing with the ball as you flip pages quickly. My dad told me that Disney made their first animated movies by drawing movements on different pages and flipping them over to make the movie.