Reading Challenge 2020-The World’s Greatest Underachiever and the soggy school trip

Agastya S Ahuja
3 min readJul 7, 2020

The authors of this book are Henry Winkler and Lin Oliver.

This book is about a boy named Hank Zipzer. He and his class are going on an AWESOME field trip sailing on a boat.

Hank is different from the rest of the class because he dosen’t know how to tie knots, read, follow diagrams, spell and he dosen’t know his right and left.

In Hank’s class there is a bully named Nick McKelty. Nick McKelty is mean and tricks hank to be the captain’s assistant although Nick McKelty knows that the captain’s assistant is the worst job because you have to clean the deck, polish the captain’s shoes and do loads more chores.

So Hank got the job, but then he realised he was tricked so he decided to teach Nick McKelty a lesson! So Hank found Nick McKelty and Nick McKelty asked Hank laughingly how the captain’s assistant job is going. Hank said great! We can watch TV and we can lay on the couch and while you guys are eating gruel we can eat yummy fruits!

Therefore, Collin and Hank moved to the rope tying job.

Collin is EXTREMELY intellegent and very kind and is Hank’s friend but not from Hank’s class.

Collin goes to get his and Hank’s coat because it is cold and in the meanwhile, Hank unties the main rope that holds the whole ship together. Then he ties it back together but he ties it loose because he doesnt know how to tie. Then they go to bed.

Hank is the first one to wake up and he sees that the ship is lost because he didn’t tie the rope very well. But he noticed that he has his grampa’s phone in his pocket and he calls him to call the rescue service so they can come for help.

The rescue service comes and everyone is safe. When they get to shore, the ship’s captain asks for Collin and Hank to come to his office and explain what happened. Collin is not nervous at all because he didnt do anything but Hank is nervous and sweating a lot. The Captain wants some alone time with Hank and they talk about the accident. The Capitain says that accidents can always be fixed just like this one. He said ‘it’s good that you were quick and called for help’.

Collin then asks Hank if he can have a sleepover. Later Hank wrote 10 things about Collin that he didn’t know. e.g. he bites his nail too just like Hank, he only knows three Knock Knock jokes and two of them arent funny.

He shows the list to Papa Pete, his grampa and he said to Hank it proved one thing: nobody is perfect, even the perfect people.

I loved this book. It was my Christmas present from Mrs. Nicholson, my Prep teacher.