Reading Challenge 2020 — The Rainbow Serpent

Agastya S Ahuja
2 min readAug 15, 2020


Today I am doing the Reading Challenge 2020 and my chosen book is “The Rainbow Serpent”.

The main character of this book is The Rainbow Serpent, whose name is Goorialla. The author of this book is Dick Roughsey.

This story was set in Dreamtime, a time when there was nothing but people. The book talks about how the Rainbow Serpent created the environment around us including animals, trees, bushes, hills and mountains.

The Rainbow Serpent is a mythical character, though Australian Indigenous people believe that this story was true. When I started reading this book, I started to believe in the story, but when I got up to the part where Goorialla wrecks the mountain, I didn’t believe anymore because I don’t think that a serpent can wreck a mountain!

I think this story is very old. The book says that the paintings of Rainbow Serpent first appeared more than 6000 years ago. There were no books or writings then. Indigenous people gathered around fire and one person would pass the story to another using words, paintings and rock art, and they would pass on to others. I think the Indigenous people had to have good memory to remember the story and pass it on.

When I visited Darwin with my parents, I believe that I trekked up a mountain mentioned in this story. I also saw rock art paintings of the Rainbow Serpent there in an Indigenous art gallery, where we bought this book from.

This is my 20th blog. My experience of writing this blog was great and I was also pumped while writing them, because when I finish all 20 I can get Nintendo which is also my birthday present for turning 8!