Reading Challenge 2020 — The Great Clown Conundrum

Agastya S Ahuja
1 min readAug 3, 2020

Today I am doing the reading challenge for 2020 and my chosen book is The Great Clown Conundrum.

The book’s author is Alexander McCall Smith.

The main characters of this book are Billy, Fern and Joe.

This book is about a highly-popular clown called Mr Birdcage. Mr Birdcage always makes people laugh, but one mysterious night someone tried to ruin his show. Three detectives are trying to solve who would do such a thing!

My favourite part of this book is the part when Billy, Fern and Joe keep on trying to find out who ruined Mr Birdcage’s performance AND they never gave up! Another word for not giving up is persevering. I think it was important that they didn’t give up early, otherwise it could have happened again and again. If that did happen Mr Birdcage wouldn’t be popular any more and they wouldn’t have found out who the real culprit was!

Can you guess who the real culprit could be?*

*Here’s a hint: The culprit was identical to Mr Birdcage.