Reading Challenge 2020 — The 39 Storey Treehouse.

Agastya S Ahuja
2 min readJun 4, 2020


Today I am doing the reading challenge for 2020 and my chosen book is the 39 Storey Treehouse. The book’s author is Andy Griffiths and the book is illustrated by Terry Denton. The 39 Storey Treehouse is about two main characters called Andy and Terry. They live in a treehouse that has 39 Storeys. It has a man eating shark tank, the world’s scariest roller coaster and much more stuff. As long as the treehouse remains their home, the treehouse is also where they make books together. Andy writes the words and Terry draws the pictures.

Cover of 39 Storey Treehouse book

My favourite part is when Andy and Terry need to un-invent a machine. For this, they call the most evil un-inventer Professor Stupido. Professor Stupido un-invents the whole earth, the whole universe and the whole solar system till there is nothing left anywhere but Andy and Terry.

The way the story ends is that Terry said “ This sucks!” Then Andy said “lets get him to un-invent himself”. So Terry said “ Hey, Professor Stupido I bet you can’t un-invent yourself”. Professor Stupido replied “Of course I can un-invent myself,” and so he did just that using his powers and he vanished. Andy handed Terry a pencil, and Terry drew everything again, including their treehouse.

I think Professor Stupido vanished and went to another world that had all the other things that had vanished. I think he must be using those things to make something to come back to the real world. But, those things would have started to vanish because Terry was drawing them again and brining them to the real world. But wait, the machine is still there with Professor Stupido.