Agastya S Ahuja
1 min readJun 16, 2020

Reading challenge 2020-Super Side kicks! No Adults Allowed

There were three sidekicks who were all tired of doing thankless jobs, so they decided to make their own club. Another sidekick who had an evil supervillan wanted to join the club as well. The evil villan however took his sidekick back and all the other sidekicks faught to rescue him. The superheroes wanted their sidekicks to come back and do the chores again, but sidekicks quit being sidekicks.

The book’s author is Gavin Aung Than.

I really liked the part when the sidekicks had to get Goo (who is the sidekick of the evil villan) back. Junior Justice, the leader of the sidekicks, used the hollogram app to turn himself into a hollogram. When the evil villan punched him, it went through Junior Justice because he was a hollogram. I wish I could use the hollogram app too, so I could walk through anything and nobody could touch me!