Reading Challenge 2020-Dog man lord of the fleas

Agastya S Ahuja
2 min readJun 23, 2020

Today I am doing the reading challenge 2020 and my chosen book is “Dog Man Lord of the Fleas”.

This is my favourite dog man book out of the series because I like the part when Li’l Petey covers the FLEAS (Fuzzy Little Evil Animal Squad) robot Brontosaurus in in brown paint and then says ‘Squirrell!’. Then Dog Man starts chewing the “pretend” squirrel and ate the bad guys and then he got all itchty.

The main characters in this book are Dog Man, Li’l Petey, Petey, and the Fleas. The Fleas and Petey are evil but Dog Man and Li’l Petey are good. Petey is the dad of the good cat Li’l Petey. Since Petey is the dad of Li’l Petey he wants to become good too. So the good guys (including Petey) have a fight with the Fleas. Then the Fleas did something bad and said Petey did it and then good Petey ended up in jail because petey has been in jail several times so the cops thought it was him.

The author of the book is Dav Pilkey. He has written eight Dog Man books, and I have read all of them. He is also the author of Captain Underpants, which is also a book series I like.