Reading Challenge 2020 — A Scare of A Dare (Diary of a MINECRAFT ZOMBIE)

Agastya S Ahuja
2 min readJun 8, 2020

This is my second book of the 2020 Reading challenge. The book’s name is Diary of a Minecraft Zombie A scare of a dare.

The Author and the Illustrator of this book is Zack Zombie.

This book is about a Minecraft Zombie called Zack Zombie. This book talks about what has happened every day of the week in his life.

The main character in this book is Zack Zombie (which is the zombie above). His friends are Slimey,(who is a slime block),Skelee (who is a skeleton) and Creepy (who is a creeper).

They have families, they go to school called The Scare School, have adventures together, explore places and they do much more exciting stuff.

If you’re wondering what Minecraft is, here’s what it is: Minecraft is a video game which can be played on many different consoles. For example, i-pad, laptop, i-phone, Nintendo, Xbox and many more. Minecraft has human villagers, Mobs, Zombies (which are actually Mobs).

My favourite part of this book is when Zack Zombie wanted a pet dog or a pet cat but his parents said he could only get a pet squid. He couldn’t have a pet cat or a pet dog because dogs have a habit of burying human body parts in the dirt and cats turn everything into a scratching post.I think these reasons his parents gave are funny.