Premier’s Reading Challenge 2021-Amazing Places

Agastya S Ahuja
3 min readJun 22, 2021

Hello everyone,

This is my 4th book blog for 2021! Today I will be writing a blog about a book called amazing Places.

The author of this book is Kris Hirschmann. I got this book from my Aunty because it was her birthday on the 20th of June. That’s why I decided to write about this book. I have finished the book and now I am going to show you the places where I’ve been and the places I want to go.

Places I have been:

Great Barrier Reef

I went there on my trip to Cairns and we decided to go snorkeling there. I went by boat and I saw lots of turtles, fish and coral! Here is an interesting fact: The Great Barrier Reef is the largest construction on the planet to be built by living things which are algae and coral.

Here’s another one. There are between 1,500 and 2,000 types of fish within an area that spreads out over more than 2,000 kilometres!

One last one. Due to pollution and warming climate, coal is bleaching and has become less colourful. The image below will explain how and why.

Taj Mahal

It was before covid that my mum and I went to India for a holiday. My cousin invited me to join her and we went to see the Taj Mahal in Agra, India. It was built with many elephants and people. The main person who put the idea together was the emperor Shah Jahan who loved his wife very much. So he decided to build a beautiful structure in the memory of his wife, Mumtaz Mahal when she died in 1631. Interesting fact below!

In ten years time in 2031, Taj Mahal will be 400 years old.

Taj Mahal actually means Crown Palace in Hindi! I learnt it on the internet.

In the war years of 1942, 1965 and 1971, the Indian government built wooden scaffolding around the Taj Mahal to protect it from enemy air bombs!

Now the places I want to go to:

  1. Uluru in Northern Territory, Australia! I want to go there because it is a famous landmark in Australia. Also because I have learned that it is a sacred site for aboriginals and in my school we have been learning a lot about aboriginal culture and history.

It is an Island Mountain that changes colour to a deep red at dawn and dusk.

In 2019 walking and climbing were banned on Uluru because it’s a special place for Aboriginals.

2. Burj Khalifa in Dubai. It is the tallest building in the world with a height of 828 metres. The tallest building I have ever been to is the Q1 which is the 11th tallest residential building in the world and the tallest in Australia. It is 322 metres high which is less than half of Burj Khalifa’s height. Standing on Q1’s observation deck, I was scared looking down. I can’t imagine what it would feel like to the top of Burj Khalifa!