Premier’s Reading Challenge 2021-Super Mario Adventures

Agastya S Ahuja
2 min readAug 24, 2021


The author of this book is Kentaro Takekuma.

I really like the fact that they made a Mario comic book. Comics are pretty popular, but I hadn’t seen any Mario comics.

I am a big fan of Mario. I have 7 games on my nintendo, 6 of which are based on Mario. I also have 2 Mario posters in my bedroom, as well as this book.

I like how in the book they used more original characters like Mario and Bowser. They didn’t use newer characters, like Rosalina and Waluigi.

The book has many rhyming songs — they are funny to read but also creatively tell us about the scene.

I’ve always liked how Mario and Wario are opposites — one is skinny, kind and brave (Mario), the other is fat, greedy, and usually scared (Wario). At the end of this book, there’s a chapter about them fighting.

Another interesting thing was how at the start of every chapter, it would have a little paragraph about the previous chapter to help you remember. For eg. At the beginning of chapter two it says:

In the last episode, Mario and Luigi were attempting to repair the palace plumbing when pipes began popping up all over the place. Finally, a monstrous pipe appeared in the palace garden and from it emerged that diabolical deadbeat, Bowser.

The last ‘episode’ means the previous chapter.

My mum got me this book for Christmas 2020, alongside a mario nintendo game, Super Smash Bros Ultimate.