Agastya S Ahuja
2 min readAug 11, 2021


Premier’s Reading challenge 2021-Give Peas A Chance

The author of this book is Morris Gleitzman.

This book has 15 stories. I have read 8 of the 15 so far.

I have never blogged or read a book like this before. I found this style very interesting —these are all short stories that are not related to one another.

The titles of the stories I have read are quite funny. They are: Mission Impossible, Paparazzi, Greenhouse Gas, Think Big, Odd Socques, Ashes to Ashes, 101 Text Messages You Must Read Before You Die, and Give Peas A Chance.

Give Peas A Chance, which is the title of this book, but is also a story in the book and my favourite story so far!

Here are some sentences about some of the stories I have read.

Mission Impossible is about an irresponsible young boy who has a big mission — to look after their beach-hotel while his parents pout the baby twins to sleep. This mission is impossible because it means he’ll have to cope with mad visitors and screaming children and he can’t be loud!

Odd Socques is about names that are spelt differently to what we think. For example, Odd Socques is actually just — odd socks! Also ‘Tricqued’ you instead of ‘tricked’ you, or ‘Sahm’ instead of ‘Sam’ — you get it???

Give Peas A Chance is about a boy who saves the world with a plate of veggies. He makes the world get rid of its weapons like guns and tanks by protesting. Except that, after the world has lost its weapons, a new war starts. How, do you ask? If there are no weapons how do they fight? I’ll tell you. They fight with the power of…veggies!