Premier’s Reading Challenge 2021-Funny Kid Next Level

Agastya S Ahuja
2 min readJul 6, 2021


Hello everyone,

Today I will be writing about a book called Funny Kid(Series) the next level. The author of this book is Matt Stanton.

The main characters of this book are Max, Hugo, Tyson, Abby, Kevin and the mysterious no.1 gamer teacher called Ms. Sweet.

This book is mainly about a game called Booster. Kevin is having a Booster party but while the party was on, a pro gamer who lived on the same street hacked into Kevin’s online party using his internet. Since then Max has been trying to beat the Pro nicknamed Redhill Rampage. He has been asking his parents for more time on screen.

However, Max’s and Kevin’s classmate called Abby thinks that online games aren’t good for you. So she decides to organise a parent teacher interview to ban Booster.

Anyway, after more than 100 pages of reading I finally find out that the pro is their teacher, Ms. Sweet.

I liked the book because I like gaming on my Nintendo Switch. I can’t imagine my teacher, Ms. Turner being an online gamer!

Also the book has a lot of funny and gaming jokes. For eg. Just above by seeing the cover of the book, it says “Download now to unlock epic laughs!” and also the title of chapter 13 is “Hugo tries to console me!” Get it?