Premier’s Reading Challenge 2021-Everything You Need To Ace World History

Agastya S Ahuja
2 min readAug 1, 2021

Hello everyone,

There are many units in this book but I have only read the first unit about prehistory so that is what I will be blogging about.

Prehistory is anything before writing was invented. But if there was no writing, how would we know what happened at that time? That’s when artifacts come in. They used artifacts which were rocks or stones buried in the ground from early times. These artifacts were used by Archaeologists and Anthropologists which are types of scientists that study them and can tell what’s going on.

Now I will tell you about the two eras in prehistory. The first one is called the Paleolithic era. This era is mostly about the nomads. Nomads are people who don’t have a permanent house and every couple of months they would move due to lack of food.

The second one, Neolithic era is when people could stay in one spot since they began to grow food. This was the start of agriculture. They now had a lifetime supply of food, therefore they had a lot more free time. People now started to make baskets and pots. That’s also when civilizations came in.

I really enjoyed this book, though there was one confusing thing. It was the Great migration. It’s that on page 11 it says that the migration took 1 million years! But on page 13 it says that it started 80,000 years ago! How can this be?