Premier’s Reading Challenge 2021-Dirty Bertie

Agastya S Ahuja
2 min readAug 2, 2021


The author of this book is Alan MacDonald.

The characters are: Angela, a girl; Bertie, a boy; Bertie’s mum and dad, Bertie’s sister, Angela’s mum, and Bertie’s pet worm, Arthur.

There are three books in this one book but I have only read the first book called “Worms”.

If you don’t know what worms are — they are animals and not insects, and they can even live inside human body. Worms are pink, can vary in lengths and are often found in muddy gardens.

The summary of this book is that Bertie gets invited to a pink party by Angela, and he doesn’t know what to wear! So he copies his worm Arthur, and steals his sister’s sleeping bag to make himself a worm. So he goes to the party and as you would expect from Bertie, he got dirty. But Bertie thought that was okay, as he never wanted to go in the first place. He thinks they wouldn’t invite him again!

Except when Bertie went home, he did have to admit that the party was a little fun. After all, he got muddy (one of his favourite things) and Angela and her friends copied Bertie by putting on black face paint and from fairies and princesses they became black disgusting slugs.

I really liked the title of this book the best — Dirty Bertie. I think this might be a coincidence because whenever Bertie does something disgusting, his parents would say “that’s dirty, Bertie!