Premier’s Reading Challenge 2021-Cat Kid Comic Club

Agastya S Ahuja
2 min readJul 11, 2021

Hello everyone,

Today I will be writing about a book called Cat Kid Comic Club. The author/illustrator is Dav Pilkey.

Did you know that when I participated in the Premier’s Reading Challenge in 2020, the Department of Education gave me two $20 vouchers because of my good work and also to get books from booktopia. My parents also gave me another $20 to spend. Anyway, the point is that I bought three books. The books were: Cat Kid Comic Club,

Oliver twist and

Amazing World Atlas.

In Cat Kid Comic Club, I liked how no one in the class could find an idea for their comic since it has to be good, but when Li’l Petey changed it so that you have to fail your comic, everyone started getting crazy ideas for their comics. For eg. One name was Monster Cheese Sandwich and another was My Dog and another one was Supa Fail and the last one was The Little, Fluffy Cloud of Death.

There also is a moral to this story. The words from the book are: You kids should write stories that make you happy. Write things that make you laugh and try not to worry about what others think. You’ll never be able to please everyone anyway! There will always be haters…so just focus on the things you love! Do that…and you’ll never fail.

For my next blog I will be happy and it will not matter what others think because I will always be as good as I think I am.