Premier’s Reading Challenge 2020-The Atlas Of Monsters

Agastya S Ahuja
2 min readJul 22, 2020

Today I am writing about a book called The Atlas Of Monsters. The authors of this book are Stuart Hill and Sandra Lawrence.

This book is about monsters from around the world. My FAVOURITE monster is the Leprechaun. I think they are cheeky, because in the book it says that Leprechauns love to trick humans by telling them that there is treasure at the end of a rainbow (there’s not!).

The maps were apparently put together by an explorer called Cornelius Walter who was a real person in the 15th century. But I think Cornelius Walters didn’t actually travel around the world to find these monsters. I also think that the book is not fully fiction because I was watching a video about rainbows and the video mentioned about Leprechauns.


The book also mentions about a demon called Raavana who is a mythical character from the story ‘Ramayana’ which is a book I’ve already done a blog about. Read that blog here.


The book also mentions about the ‘Three Sisters’ monster, who were turned into mountains. I’ve been to the Blue Mountains, close to Sydney, where I saw the ‘Three Sisters’.

Three Sisters

The authors would have spent a lot of time researching about these mythical monsters, how they looked like and where they lived. Which is your favourite monster?