Grandma’s Bag of Stories

Agastya S Ahuja
2 min readAug 15, 2022

The author of this book is Sudha Murty.

This book has a lot of stories in one, and today I will be doing a blog on a story called The Princess’s New Clothes.

I picked this story because it was my favourite. It had a good moral, and some parts that were extremely silly!

What happens in this story is the fact that there is a king and a queen, who really want a child. They ask the goddess Lakshmi and she gives them a child, but there is one flaw: The child will never wear the same clothes twice! So the king and queen are forced to find a taylor and pay them to create a new outfit for the princess everyday! The king and queen soon purchase so many clothes that they run out of money! They send their child to the goddess Lakshmi for a solution. The goddess Lakshmi said:

“I know your problem, my child. I will send you a new outfit everyday. It will be unique, its colours and designs will delight you. But you should remember one thing: you cannot wear anything else, or exchange these clothes with anyone else. If you ever do that, your life will be miserable.”

The princess accepted this offer and was very happy. Until one day, when another girl in town was wearing a sari everyone was admiring at, she exchanged outfits with that girl. Like the goddess Lakshmi said, her life was miserable. She was instantly turned into a plant! Can you guess what plant it was? It was an onion! She was turned into an onion because each layer an onion has, was every outfit she wore. Also because when you cry while cutting an onion, you cry as if you are seeing the beautiful princess!

The moral to this story was to not be too greedy, or something might happen!

Thank you for reading this blog! Two more to go!