Big Nate: From The Top

Agastya S Ahuja
2 min readAug 10, 2022

The author of this amazing series is Lincoln Peirce.

Big Nate From The Top book cover
Big Nate From The Top

I love this series ESPECIALLY for the fact that it is a comic series. I usually don’t read comic strips, but I gave this one a go as it looked nice!

There are 28 Big Nate comic strips, while there are 8 Big Nate books. I have 7/8 books and 5/28 of the comic books.

I love the story in all of these books, it’s a classic; Nate Wright, a sixth grader at Public School №38, is always getting into trouble. Some of the troubles he gets into are: taking horrendous school pictures, achieving the most detentions a student has ever had, arguing against his Social Studies teacher, Mrs Godfrey, etc.

I love the art in this book. The characters’ facial expressions are amazing and it perfectly matches what they say. For e.g. If they say ‘How would I know the answer?!” they would have their hands waving about with a sarcastic look on their face.

The title of this book comes from the fact that people say Nate is on the top of a list. Nate thought that was good. Until he found out that the list was for naughty people! He tried to convince people that he was good. But they wouldn’t listen!

I love this book and I think you would too!